‘Get rid of these’ was created by Tiger Finch Creatives. We wanted churches to have a high quality of design work, to be able to connect, interest, and engage with people, and we wanted a way to provide this quality of work at discounted prices for churches.

Biblical tracts that start where people are at

Our flyer texts always aim to represent the Bible’s message accurately. They communicate the gospel or answer questions surrounding Christianity (apologetics). No one is likely to read a leaflet with a title that is something they are not interested in. We aim to begin with questions or concerns those who are not Christians may have, then go on to show how the Bible’s message is relevant to them. Jesus used a similar approach in speaking to individuals (e.g. John 4, the woman at the well).

What does it mean to be ‘sound’ and biblical?

We try to use language in our tracts that is not going to be misunderstood today. For example, some religious words are only heard as empty religious terms to many today, or have associations which are different from their meaning in the Bible. As Christians we can think we are being faithful to the Christian message by using the words used in our traditions or translation of the Bible. However, we may not be communicating what we intend. We want our words to bring the meaning and message as accurately as possible, and this means using words that have the correct meaning for our listeners.

Did you know?

It breaches copyright to use an image you have found through a search engine on your flyer or church website, without having a licence to do so. This does not just apply to images with a watermark on them, but any image on the web at all. You need to find a licence given with the image allowing ‘commercial’ use (even if you are not charging for your events, using images in publicity material is ‘commercial’ use), or purchase an image with the correct license from a stock library. Or, to save you the time, visit Get Rid of Those, and find a design created specifically with the Christian message and today’s audience in mind.

Our name

If it’s not already obvious, our name reflects the fact that we design things for you to give away! The better our work is, the more you will want to get rid of it! We hope you find Get Rid of These useful in your ministry.