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Seasonal \ Easter \ Dead or Alive?

Subject \ Does God Exist?

Subject \ Heaven and Hell

Easter – ‘Dead or Alive’ Customisable Tract

4-page A6 Landscape, folds in two horizontally. View Demo. Any problems ordering? Just email us what you'd like on the flyer/poster and we'll sort it out.

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Product Demo

4-page A6 Landscape, folds in two horizontally.

In a modern, eye catching design, this leaflet starts with a question that creates intrigue and invites people to read on.

The text is the same as the ‘Dead or Alive traditional tract’

The inside text begins by raising the controversial question of various types of evidence for life after death, creating interest –  resonating with some readers, causing disagreement with others, and tempting them to read on. It goes on to talks about the identity of Jesus, and his death and resurrection for our salvation, explained in language that a non-Christian can understand.

The tract presents Jesus’ incarnation and resurrection, explaining why they are believable. God becoming human is such an astounding claim that for many it immediately shelves Christianity as a myth. But the tract uses language and argument to show that there is logic in the idea that God, who is more advanced than the greatest form of life on earth, has communicated with us in a more extraordinary way than mere information. It reminds the reader of the illogic of dismissing biblical miracles based on a naturalistic world view as a pre-determined conclusion or bias before even considering the question of whether God and the spiritual world exists.

It touches on the purpose of Jesus’ death and the difficulty of explaining away his identity (using a simplified copy of C.S. Lewis’s ‘Mad, Bad or God’ argument).

Use this tract for your Easter invitations or for talks on the resurrection or life after death at any time of the year, just customise the text to fit your needs.



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Product Demo

4-page A6 Landscape, folds in two horizontally.

Product Demo

4-page A6 Landscape, folds in two horizontally.

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